Painting vs Wrapping Project Leopard

When I decided I needed to go deeper with the car, I was faced with addressing the exterior of the car. Before I can even get the that level of deciding a color, I needed to make sure I decided how to approach the car.

A lot of people were telling me to wrap the car. While it does have it’s merits and cheaper.. and now I realize it, a faster process. But I was deterred by some of the quality of how wraps were applied. I also look at it as a band-aid.

BUT, if Project Leopard was in better condition, I would have gone down the wrap route. I don’t rule it out for something like my vert.

Painting a car was the process I grew up with. It was expensive, but it was the proper way to change the exterior of the car. Project Leopard’s condition was rough.. Not just the exterior, but engine bay and trunk…

It needs a total refresh IMO. And this is why I went with the paint route. The front end is going to be custom with the hood being the most affected and I want that to be seamless. I don’t want to see wrinkles from a wrap.


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