Project Leopard West Coast tour

It’s just in the planning, but I had this idea of Project Leopard. A west coast tour with significance to the rebuild of Project Leopard. I would visit these places to take pictures with friends and family, go cruising and take pictures of significance of the the location.

The idea is that Project Leopard is completed in LA.

I would head east either to Las Vegas or Phoenix, but both will have to be visited.

My idea is that I would head to Las Vegas and have the measurements for a diffuser/ splitter done by Ubeymade in Las Vegas. I then would have to go to Phoenix/Tempe/Mesa area because that is part of Project Leopard’s rebirth.

I would head back to LA. It depends on timing, but I definitely have to take Project Leopard around LA.

On the way back to the Bay area, I would have to stop by Tehachapi. This was the home for Project Leopard years prior, but also to show Jon and Cameron.

At some point, I want to head north. SF->Oregon->Washington->Vancouver BC.

While Project Leopard was never in the Pacific NW or Canadian SW, these places are my origins.

As I said with the previous post about Drift Office, I wanted to bring Project Leopard to places of significance in my car upbringing.

Last and probably out of reach.. but I almost want to do it….

Ship my Project Leopard to Japan. Of course go around the country and meet with friends. But let’s see if that ever happens lol.


It’s still far for the Project Leopard to be completed, but I really would love to tour with this car and take pictures.