Diana kit repair and install

I used to be carefree and just get stuff done. Now that I am older… I have this issue with overanalyzing things. I was thinking of just putting on the Diana kit and not worry about the cracks or top portion being white or fixing the moulding part of the side skirt that was cut off. I was just gonna run it as is and not really care. I remember when I got my EG body kit… I drove around with it unpainted because I was the only in my town with a body kit.

The excitement of transforming the look of a car is amazing to me.

After a week of indecisiveness (or overanalyzing) I finally decided I need to fix the body kit and paint the white part. I wanted to go cruising Saturday night.. so I busted an all nighter and dayer.. but still, by Saturday afternoon… my drill died and I had to wait for my wife to get back to get a new one. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to go cruising that night. Back to the story….

I stopped by Ned’s Auto paint shop (where I got some paint before) and had 2 spray cans of Blue Grey storm made. That was another $52.

I also had to spend a ton of time scraping off old double sided tape on everything!

The biggest thing I really needed to paint was the wing. So I did that. 3 coats primer and 2 coats of paint and 2 coats of clear.. making it darker than my car lol.


I then sanded down door panels and front bumper top that were white and taped it off for paint… and it actually came out good!


Did some fiberglass work, but the resin didn’t harden well (took quite longer).

I kept the tape on because the resin wasn’t hardening (even though I used more than the recommendation) but maybe because it was a couple years old. (BTW, it did eventually harden, just took longer).

I spent Saturday working on the car. I had to take off the OEM moulding and clean up the adhesive. I had to take off the rear bumper… then I started to install stuff.




My drill died and I had to get a new one. At this point, I was so tired…

Sunday, I was trying to finish up the front end and realized it wasn’t stable enough..