Wheel debate (old post)

Alright. So let me get this out there. F31s I feel aren’t as sporty looking as other cars. With that said, I don’t think many wheels look great on the car. There are factors that can enhance the look. Typically, having the right amount of lowering always looks good. Size of wheels, offset… the obvious factors. Having some kind of aero does that as well.

Project Leopard has some rollers on it, but I wanted to highlight the M30 with 16″ sport wheels. Now.. let me say this. I am into classic looks. And with the F31 in general, mesh and old school wheels look PERFECT.



All my trips to Japan have yielded that conclusion as well. I even asked why so many people had BBS RS wheels and I was given that it looks perfect and the wheel is very well made.





While I do want to go classic, I felt this build is a bit more due to the RB25det and Zenki front end. When I discussed this with a few brothers, in which I do take their opinions because I trust them, it pointed me to the right direction. Hung asked me what I was looking for and size.

I was gonna go with some Nismo wheels,






but Hung came across some Enkei wheels from a local friend. These were it. 5 spoke too.  Enkei RP01!


Since I am going for this look, this is how I would imagine the car (and yes.. I am no photoshop genius… let alone wanting to pay subscription for it). I did this quick MS Paint edit at work.