Diana kit comments

The problem with having the Diana kit

I get countless messages about “I want a Diana kit”. While some people that I’ve shared this passion with, deserve it, a good 80% of the people who ask for it don’t.

I’m not trying to be a D**K or anything like that. But it just seems people nowadays are more of a handout type. There are comments that say that “You don’t want to help the community out” or “I can’t build my car if you don’t share” or ” You are Lucky to own that kit”, like luck had something to do with paying for it and shipping it. That isn’t luck, that was money. Luck was timing and even wasn’t the case when negotiations happened.

Seriously???!!! Most of the comments are from people who are less accomplished, but want something they didn’t even know existed until recently. Yes.. MANY of them just started to own an M30 and found about the Diana kit a couple of months ago. Also a lot of these “owners” need to work on the issues their cars have. New to you doesn’t make it a new car. Fix the problems it has and clean up the car.

But let’s get something straight:

  1. I didn’t get the Diana kit or M30 for clout. I am enthusiast of the F31 platform. I am enthusiast of 90s VIP style. I am NOT an overnight fanboy who suddenly wants a body kit I just saw a post about.
  2. I wanted this item since 2005.
  3. I traveled to AND all over Japan 7x since 2016 to try and SEE a Diana kit mounted on a car.
  4. When there was a chance to own the Diana kit, I spared no expense to buy it and ship it over.
  5. I never said I was going to make copies and I don’t intent to. But if you do want me to make a mold – $15k is how much it costs.

I’ve honestly found it disrespectful the way some people have aimed their lack of commitment to build a car to blame me for not being a resource for parts.  I never said I would share this. Especially with people who don’t really give me time or day until they saw I had this kit. I never go around asking people, whom I hardly know, for any thing, let alone rare items.

What’s stopping you from going to Japan and searching for the Diana kit like I did? They are out there. I know of 2 full kits, One in Okayama and One in Akita/Aomori prefecture. Exactly where are they located? That I don’t know. I am going of “last seen” type information from friends. I had to start from scratch and I wasn’t even thinking of buying the kit, I just wanted to take a picture of it.

(Update – the one I was going to try and track down in Okayama, was on YAJ a couple weeks back and was in Hokkaido!!)

After I posted the pictures of the Diana kit, I’d get someone posting like this (note, this is the M30 FB page).


I guess people don’t know how to search and just demand, impolitely, answers.

I only get annoyed initially, but at the end of the day… these guys aren’t really dedicated to the F31 and are UNLIKELY to make the sacrifices and have the dedication. Just want a free handout.