After 2 years, I was able to see my convertible in Vancouver BC

August 9th was when the Canadian border opened up to Americans. So I went to Vancouver BC.

I was able to see my vert and it does need a good polishing.

Before I arrived a good tune up was done.

  • Oil changed
  • Spark plugs changed
  • Cap and rotor
  • Spark plug wires

I remember when I last drove it in 2019, it felt like it was misfiring. But now, it seems way better.

I was planning on driving around that weekend, but I had sprained my ankle (and the driver’s side door doesn’t open), but the most annoying thing was the brake lights would turn on, but the stopping lights weren’t on when stepping on the brake.

So I’m hoping that some bulb changes will happen before I arrive there again.

Also noticed the battery light stays on. The car has a new battery.


I can’t wait to get it back to WA. At least it will be in a garage and I can start taking it apart.