Entered in to JCCS… Goal show!!!

JCCS is one of my goal shows. It was actually suppose to be the debut of Project Leopard and well… everyone’s delay and excuses for that car has taken it’s impact on it’s completion.

Back in May, Stu said if I was gonna go to JCCS with my car. I told him Project Leopard has been a nightmare trying to get it completed and the paint still needs to be finished. Stu said, “naw, with your blue M30”.

I had so much tunnel vision, that I didn’t even think of my Blue M30… but it was VERY FAR from even what I wanted it to be presentable. I have a lot of items in Japan and just been sitting on them. I save and put money into the Project Leopard budget.

I decided to register for JCCS and pulled money from my Project Leopard budget to get the blue M30 into a decent state.

I went to LA and decided I am tired of seeing Project Leopard. I moved everything, but wasn’t expecting for the engine to be taken by Jason at Rival Autoworks. He took the engine and looked at all the issues. He said he was going to get on it and right off the bat, wanted to order many things.

I decided to back out of JCCS and put that money back into the Project Leopard’s budget.

JCCS sent me an email that I was accepted (even though I said I backed out) and I replied that I would be there. I felt reinvigorated.


When I show my car, my intentions is to always show a bit of history and that I am an enthusiast. Not some new guy that bought a car for trend or clout. I want to represent for F31CLUB and many of the guys that ran the sticker and were part of it at one point in time.

I also want to represent the brothers in Japan, Russia and Europe.




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