Grill ideas for the F31

S13 Silvia fronts with F31 grills.

Over the years, many 240sx owners doing the S13 Silvia front end often ask for the M30 grill.

Credit to Stickydilljoe


But I never seen the reverse, M30 owners using an S13 grill… which there are a good amount of options. I had to stop by (my buddy Masai’s shop) in Watsonville. I had to get lower control arms from him, but while there, he said I could take one of the S13 GTR prototype grills to test.

I made some comparisons and noticed how different they are. When I mocked it up on the car… I was in love!!!

Other grill ideas.

Scanning these parts and digitally piecing them to be with M30 dimensions sounds very appealing to me!!