Trying to finalize the RB25det for Project Leopard

The other week when Hung, Ozzy and I worked on Project Leopard, I was taking note on what parts were needed. Typically, I am not into the Black Friday consumerism, but to get some of the stuff I need for Project Leopard, I wouldn’t mind getting a small discount.

Some of these things are needed to pretty much finish up the engine and engine management. Some of the stuff I need to take care of loose ends, and some of the stuff are just finishing touches.

Link ECU –

The harness that Jason/Rival Autoworks got was from Wiring Specialties. He ordered the one with all the option for what I had and a specific Link ECU. It is the G4X, NGTR-X ecu. It is a pretty expensive piece at $1500.

Greddy pieces:

  • RB25det throttle body adaptor
  • Greddy Oil filter relocation parts (excluding the oil cooler).


Since I am using the Greddy intake plenum, I wanted to use the RB25det throttle body over the Q45. The reason being is that the RB25det throttle response is faster because it is smaller. In order to use the RB25det TB,  have to get the adaptor plate.



Next up is the RB25det oil relocation and cooler

I’ve been planning on doing this for a bit, so I was piecing it together. I have a Trust oil cooler from a friend in Japan.


GReddy x Taarks Collab. RB-specific Remote Oil Block  – p/n 12428100

I wanted to do a full Greddy/Grex/Trust kit, but I was quite impressed with a Taarks block. Then I found out that Greddy and Taarks are working together!

This is a new offering and I love it!!!

I will also do the relocation of the oil filter with lines to the oil cooler.

   Universal Remote Oil Filter Oil Block (Type I) AN10  for 3/4x16UNF Filter  p/n12401114

Loose ends

One of the loose ends I needed to take care of was the Alternator. I jumped on LS V8 alternator that was suggested, but the plug was different that the normal.

I got an Ultima N112017a alternator. It is a DR44g set up.


I figured out which plug I needed and ordered one up.


Another loose end is the engine bay bolts.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I was going to go with Dress Up Bolt’s R31 engine bay set. Initially it was suppose to be blue. Since the engine bay theme has dramatically changed (a lot of less anodized blue), I decided to I need to go with something a bit more universal. I will either go with the polished or burnt color set.



While I mentioned it in the previous post, after I went to Hung’s place and failure to secure a clutch disc that afternoon (Action clutch said to they would be open until 2pm, but when I arrived at 1:30, they had closed up).

Hung noticed I was also missing the engine to transmission plate. I ordered that right away. Also the drive shaft’s center bearing.

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