Project Leopard – GKtech ABS delete kit

It’s always Trying to see what works


With the M30, often times you take a gamble on what works and what doesn’t. There’s always “possibilities and maybes” and getting an S13 ABS delete kit is one of those.

I deleted the ABS module on Project Leopard and I got GKtech’s ABS delete kit. I wanted to redo the brake lines anyways and this just made gave me a reason to do it. The engine bay was bare.

Hung started by putting the lines to brake master cylinder and then connect to the proper lines. Interestingly, everything was pretty much bolt on.


All hooked up.


The only issue we ran into was The T piece and the left side brake line to firewall. It was short if the T piece was mounted where the original M30 bracket was.

To take away from that tension, we moved the T bracket further down and drilled a new hole.


It was nice to enhance the braking system with an upgraded kit. I actually got 2 kits (the other for keeping the ABS, but deleting the engine bay lines).

Interested in the System?

GKtech ABS delete kit