Minor Project Leopard snags… but let’s finish it up.

Getting there!!!

Hung started getting everything together and messaged me about a few things.

  1. Rear driveshaft missing
  2. Addtional couplers needed
  3. Oil lines for relocation
  4. Clutch line with Damper Delete
  5. High Pressure Power Steering Hose

Rear Driveshaft

One of the most annoying thing with this car was finding out what is missing and getting those parts. Definitely one reason NOT to buy someone’s project car (but for me this car was the exception). The rear driveshaft was missing. I thought it was all there, but it wasn’t. While I could stress about trying to source one or try to get one from an M30 that may pop up in the junkyard (which as been scarce).. Hung found a whole thing on Ebay. I got it so there aint’ not more delays.


Addtional Couplers

Hung did some measurements and told me I need to get additional couplers. So I ordered them all up.

3″ to 2.5″ reducer couplers for each side of the intercooler.


3″ to 2″ 90 degree coupler

4-Ply Reinforced 2.25″ to 3″ ID Straight Reducer Coupler

2.25″ to 3″ Straight Silicone Hose Reducer Turbo Coupler


4-Ply Reinforced 3.5″ to 3″ ID Hump Reducer Coupler


Oil Lines

To finish up the oil filter relocation, I needed to get 2 hoses. Hung measured the length and found a link to some premade ones.

PTFE Lined, Braided Stainless Steel, 24 in. Length, -10 AN Straight Fittings, Female Threads



Clutch line with damper delete

I needed this too. So I got the GKtech one. GKtech has been putting out good stuff that is reasonably priced and easy to get.


High Pressure Power Steering Hose

And finally this piece. Originally I was going with the Chase Bays full on Power Steering kit. But then it was on backorder and I couldn’t way and asked for a refund. It was the whole kit with lines, reservoir and even a cooler. I wish I waited, but again, at the time, I thought progresson Project Leopard was gonna go fast.


It was a bunch of stuff and not cheap… but it was expected (well except for the DS).

Thanks to Hung again!!