Project Leopard – updates…so close

UPDATED 5/12/23

Mechanically, Project Leopard will be done at the end of the month (May 2023). Been a long journey because of a lot of wasted time with the wrong people.

Hung (@mod_mastaz) is almost done with the Wiring Specialties Pro RB harness and adapting the M30 plugs. Basically updating the harness that they originally made for the RB. We’ve ordered everything he has asked for.

Two Spal 10″ electric fans, bracket, harness and plugs.

The next part is the cooling fan system. I ordered all the stuff he asked for. Those are arriving soon or have already arrived.


Matt (Thrice Engineering) is modifying the neck in order attach the top radiator hose to have more clearance. Once that is done, Hung will see what hoses work.

* Some where down the line, I will have to get a metal shroud fitted, either fabricated or off the shelf if available.



Oil Cooler update

My Trust oil cooler was a gift from a friend in Japan. So he send me his old lines and they are pretty long. We will probably mount the oil cooler on the opposite side until I decided to maybe redo it to be on the right side.

Matt (Thrice Engineering) is making a bracket/mount for the oil cooler.


LS V8 Alternator Replaced

A year and half back, I was lead to believe the engine was going to start seeing major movement (which it didn’t) and so I bought stuff that I thought the SR20 Store would need right away. That being the alternator. I bought an upgraded alternator, but it had the wrong plug in. Nonetheless, I was assured it would be figured out (and it never was). So recently, I had to get the proper alternator with the proper plug.

I initially changed the OEM alternator pulley for the PRP pulley that came with the kit. So Hung replaced that after he got the new alternator.



Side by Side comparison


The one with the plug is the correct alternator.



Hung had to slightly ream out the mounting holes for the hardware to fit.




I have an HKS mushroom filter and pipe for a Skyline coming.