Project Leopard – Speed Calibration SGI revisited

Update – I picked it up.




Hung was going over everything and one thing we have to address is the sensor on the transmission. They were all messed up. One thing was how to get the speedometer to work. I asked Koji and he said they used the Dakota Digital and didn’t use the speed sensor since the tunnel clearance wasn’t there.

They didn’t want to modify/bash/cut anything from the transmission tunnel.

When I got the car, Jon said the Dakota Digital was there. Honestly, I didn’t really look for it. The reason being is that I felt that it was uniquely hooked up to the car and it serves no other purpose to other unless they were going to follow suit (AT -> MT). Hung said he doesn’t remember seeing it as well, but we haven’t really looked for it.

With that said, I will probably go the same route. I wonder what I need to do so that the Digital gauge cluster can be calibrated with it.

Here is what they did in Project car Magazine.



The original Dakota Digital module they used was the SGI-5. This was in 2009, now it’s 14yrs later, they current version is hte SGI-100BT. I’ve also uploaded the manual for future references.


SGI-100BT: Universal Speedometer and Tachometer Interface

  • Speed calibration from 25% – 400%
  • Multiple speed outputs available for multiple devices.
  • Electronic pull-up built in; high or low voltage input.
  • Tachometer settings from 1-16 cylinders and 5V or 12V signal type.
  • Diesel applications: outputs for 4, 6 or 8 cylinder tachs.
    • Can read off flywheel sensor (available separately), timing gear sensor or alternator W-terminal (stator tap).
  • Bluetooth technology syncs unit to available mobile app for programming and setup.
  • Built-in programming buttons and LED display for setup in lieu of app.
  • Not for use with ABS sensors or systems.



I do have a Pivot Speed Meter X, so I will hook this up as well: