Project Leopard – Final Piece of Power Steering

Infiniti M30s’ power steering cooler are loop lines.



With Project Leopard, I had the power steering rack rebuilt and I had to get a power steering pump and brackets

Project Leopard – Power Steering Pump

Originally, I was going to use a Chase Bays kit, but they were backed up at the time and I was under the impression, that my car was “getting done soon”. I cancelled the Chase Bays kit because it was delayed. The CB kit is complete and pretty expensive.

While I did use the OEM PS cooler lines, I was recently offered Evil Industries’ PS cooler (not free).


I’ve been wanting to do something about the PS cooler as I wanted to use something different. Now that the front end is done, I does seem to be a bit crowded. So I wanted to get an inline deal, but I didn’t address the PS cooler as I had other priorities.


The original PS cooler I wanted to use was this style by :


Since I’ve been concentrating on the bigger stuff on Project Leopard, I wanted to revisit this down the line. It wasn’t until Masai (Evil industries) offered his PS cooler kit. I am all about supporting friends and their businesses.

Once I get the car further along, I will get the PS kit all taken cared of.