Project Leopard – Exhaust milestone

When I embarked on Project Leopard’s journey, one of the main points I wanted the car to do is to pay homage to the companies I loved growing up. In 2004, I stopped by Kakimoto Racing in Osaka.


I really wanted to get a Kakimoto Racing muffler, but nothing hasn’t been lining up for me unfortunately. I will eventually down the line get a Kakimoto muffler, but for now, I need to get Project Leopard up and running.

After having the paint setback due to procrastination and lazy work ethic, I decided I still need to push forward instead of moping around. I’ve wasted enough time with shitty people.

After the car arrived to Infinite Auto Design, I’ve been trying to get it together since we are kind of at the cusp of it running. One thing I needed was the exhaust needed to be done.

If I couldn’t have my Kakimoto, I would want to have a clean looking muffler, 2 exit tips and almost OEM looking. Today, that happened!!


Now I gotta see how it looks in person, but as long as the tips aim straight, I’m happy and now we can get to tuning it!!!