Project Leopard – I’ve been going to LA for the last 2 weekends

I’ve been trying to get Project leopard going and I was almost there this past weekend (Labor Day weekend).

Saturday morning, I started working on the car. Bucky was there and had the ECU completed. We just had to tighten up some loose ends. Throughout the day, we got closer. Hung stopped by and helped finish up more wiring and towards the end of the day, it seemed like we got closer.

Bucky said he would be back Sunday morning to get it together.

Come Sunday morning, he didn’t show up. He’s a good guy and not a scammer. He said he would tune the car for free and I can appreciate that after going through the BS with everyone else. While I was doing small stuff to put the car together, Hung did a surprise drop by and finished up the wiring! Mainly that had to do with the battery wiring going to the back of the trunk.

I did clean up the rocker panel that Sakura Garbage did because like everything he touched… Half assed.

I was also able to clean up some of the aero and spray paint it. I really wanted to do it for pictures. It feels like I’m making progress!

Just being able to work on the car felt great.