Interior VIP style tune – Diplomat

Interior tune

VIP has always been a style I loved. I loved going to tons of websites and looking at all the cool cars. When I went to Osaka and stopped by Dress Up King (a shop and VIP tuner), I was sold on it and I always use that picture to show it. There were a few things that I wanted to get for my personal VIP style car. It has to represent the 90s era. It also has to pay respects to some of the companies I really loved seeing years ago. Many of the VIP companies have gone, but there’s always little pieces of them around, so I wanted to showcase those.

* Many of these companies made a full line of aero, muffler, wheels and interior parts. Remember, there wasn’t much made for the F31 Leopard. So I had to get universal items.

Having a Diana kit from Insurance Group, I had to see what was out there and get them. There are these (actually good quality) pillow sets for Insurance Group. Their slogan was “Growing Enterprise”.



Besides the those, I couldn’t find anything else. I bought 2 sets.



You can’t (I mean you can..but…) have a VIP style car without having something from the most famous VIP tuner, Junction Produce. Takatomi-san is a really good person and JP has a ton of great stuff. With that said, JP items, especially the interior/universal stuff has been copied endlessly!

One item I really wanted to get was the Original KinTsuna. I was able to get one from a friend in Osaka as a gift. JP originated in Osaka and the Kintsuna has ties to Shinto shrines and Darjiri Matsuri. There are TRILLION knock offs EVERYWHERE. I only want to run Authentic with my builds as much as possible.

I was given a Junction Produce Kintsuna from a friend in Osaka. He used to be into VIP style, but gotten rid of his Cima a long time ago. I was gifted this item and hold it with extreme value.


* There are ways to tell how Junction Produce items are Authentic or Fake. Kintsuna being one of the most copied, you have to know the differences.


Of course Tetsuya-Kun has it displayed on his car as well!





If you are into VIP, you can’t escape another well known brand: D.A.D Garson. They make quite a few interior parts and before, also made body kits under Garson. Well, nowadays, they make low priced, universal items. Most common, their room mirrors. I was gifted one, but also the add on crystals!


When I found out that D.A.D Garson made a black leopard version, I desperately searched for it… I would rather have a black leopard version!!1




Another OG company that is now gone, is Inspection. Again, they didn’t make anything specific for the F31 Leopard, but they made some interior dress up items. Similar, they had an item that could be displayed along the room mirror. This was called the “Juzu” and does have it’s roots in religion as well.



Rounds out the room mirror area!  (minus the curtain holders)


I also have a set of curtains I need to put in. As with the picture above, D.A.D Garson Black Leopard curtain holders!


It’s only proper since Project Diplomat is a variant of the F31 Leopard.


Another old Company is Pittura. Back in the 80s, they made a couple of body kits and other items. But the items that seem to survive up until now are their pedals.



One of the bigger pieces that I was given is the Junis Steering Wheel. The idea of how hold VIP cars had 4 spokes…



I needed the hardware, so I got SmartKrew’s kit, but the center has a cover… so the jewlery won’t show.