I didn’t make it to Nissfest 2023, a suspension dilemma and Mod_Mastas

When I registered for JCCS, I found out that Nissfest was the next day. So I registered and planned to enter the car show portion. After Nissfest (which is an all day event) I was going to drive from Irwindale to the Bay area.

Why didn’t I make it to Nissfest?

When I arrived to LA on Friday night, I heard a lower clunk sound when I would turn and in reverse. I knew something was loose, but I decided to just try to work on my prepping for JCCS.

During the evening after JCCS, I was bugged by the clunk. I decided in the morning, I would go to the shop, jack up the car and tighten everything. When I jacked up the front… my wheel was wobbly!!!



I looked behind and noticed the castle nut on the ball joint was loose, but also the cotter pin was missing. The vibration and moving definitely affected the castle nut, causing it to strip the threads.

I called the homies and nobody had a spare. Mod_mastaz stopped by and my brotha helped me out soo much!

He replaced the ball joint and we used a rental compression tool. I was very fortunate as this was going to cause a crash if I didn’t take care of it. Not to mention, if I was that desperate, i could have pulled the one of my white m30, but I hate cannabalizing my cars.

After that change, we tightened everything on the right side and the checked the driver side to make sure too.


If I would have ignored this, I probably would have ended up crashing or destroy my car at a minimum!