Diplomat – Fuel filter and fuel hose change

While I was getting the Power steering hoses taken cared of, I decided to take care of a  few other things.

One was the fuel filter. I don’t remember if it was ever changed and I can’t remember if it was changed a few years back when the head was being done. So I decided to change that out.

While I did that, I also wanted to change out the fuel hose to the rail. The hose I pulled off didn’t have a part number.

So I looked it up online and there was a Napa number. I went and got that hose and looked at the info on the hose. I noticed the hose had a SAE J30R7 rating.

I looked it up online and sometimes, it just gets confusing.

“Rubber fuel hose is easy to install. It is typically connected using standard barbed fittings and Fuel Line Hose Clamps. It must be rated for fuel or be labeled as meeting one of the following SAE grades:

  • SAE J30R7 is carburetor rated fuel hose and should only be used in limited runs up to 50 psi.
  • SAE J30R9 is fuel Injection rated fuel hose which can handle up to 100 PSI.”

So is the J30R7 not good with fuel injection?

Not wanting to deal with any issues, I went and examined the old hose I took off even more. Towards the end of the hose was faded and I can barely make out the J30R9, so I decided to order the proper line.

My old line also had a plastic holed sleeve on it and I think that was to either keep it stiff or from rubbing. I tried to reuse that sleeve, but it wasn’t good working to get it on. I used an DEI sleeve instead.

New and proper fuel hose clamps and it’s good to go.

Parts list

  • Maddox fuel hose clamp kit
  • Duralast fuel filter FF65DL
  • Continental 65149 Fuel injection hose  with rating SAE 30R9
  • Design Engineering heat sheath (smallest sleeve opening, so tight fit).

* Note – the heat sheath was suppose to be for the Power Steering hoses, but I accidently ordered the smallest version. I was going to return it until I saw that it could work with the fuel hose and decided to put it on so I can finish up the car.



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