Project Diplomat – Junis Steering wheel install

Just a quick run through –

  • S13 steering hub
  • Steering wheel
  • Steering wheel screw (set of 6)

General removal steps:

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Beep horn, turn on lights… drain any stored energy
  4. Remove the steering colum cover (usually screws underneath)
  5. Unplug any connectors under the steering column
  6. On each side of the steering wheel has a cover, pop it open with a screwdriver
  7. Security Torx bolt on each side (T50, security bit has the hole in the middle)
  8. Take off cover that’s under the steering wheel, that should also be unplugged
  9. Airbag should come out (be careful)
  10. Unplug horn/cruise control connectors
  11. There is the 19mm nut in the middle of the steering wheel.
  12. Wheel is stuck on there. Shake left and right, up and down to remove


Steering wheel

  1. Hub needs to be centered as much as possible
  2. Put steering hub in place
  3. Put back 19mm nut and torque to spec
  4. Plug horn button connection
  5. Steering wheel in place
  6. Tighten 6 steering wheel screws