Project Leopard – Interior small steps

Step by Step

While the main focus on getting the car running failed due to missing parts… I decided to just work on the interior a bit. I have most of Project Leopard’s stuff in the office space being stored, so I decided to work on the interior.


1. Steering Wheel 

The steering wheel on Project Leopard isn’t bad, but the hub looks worn (which really want to replace), the hub bolts holding the steering wheel are rough (looks like someone used the wrong Allen key) and one was missing.

I decided to use my old Ichiban steering wheel (from my old EK), so that it isn’t a waste. I also decided to use Smartkrew‘s Steering wheel jewelry. I initially got this for my blue M30, but it didn’t work out with that steering wheel.



2. Headliner x sun visors 

Project Leopard’s original interior was brown and tan. I am going with a more neutral darker shade for the interior. That is grey and black. The original headliner and sun visors are tan. I had a grey headliner and sun visors cleaned up for Project Leopard back in 2020 Covid era.

I installed those (sorry, no pictures).


3. Rearview mirror + Broadway mirror

While the headliner was done, I decided to put on the rear view mirror and add the Broadway mirror to it.


4. E Brake handle

My old EK had a really nice E brake handle metal replacement. I was going for that look with Project Leopard. When I visited JDM Carboy, I bought an NRG e brake handle because.. there isn’t too many options out there! I’ll be honest with you, I have been avoiding NRG products because I just wasn’t into their quality.

So put it on and it didn’t fit right. The end is too tight and needs to be “opened up” where release button for the e brake is at. So I’ll have to do that as well.


5. Measuring of R31 arm rest

When I got the arm rest/ center console, I didn’t realize that the e brake location played a difference. So when I asked Itabashi-san what he did (Project Leopard will mirror his M30), he showed me where he cut and put it together. He is a craftsman!!!

I did where he cut, but I wanted to measure everything before I put it together.


6. Thrash Racing seats idea

There isn’t much out there for the M30, so things have to be custom. I wanted to mount my Thrash Racing seats, but realize that I will need to make something custom. My idea was to use the M30 seat rails as a base. I measured the M30’s mounting to the Thrash seats and the m30 is a bit wider, so I’ll have to make an adapter and line up the Thrash seats to how to center it to be comfortable in the car.

But at least I have a plan in place. Jason (J from the f31club forums) said I could use S13/S14 seat rails, just one whole wouldn’t work. But I want to use the M30 sliders too, so Project Leopard can be a bit more comfortable.


7. R31 door cards


While these do fit overall, it isn’t perfect. Inside door handle gets obstructed (door can’t open), so I have to figure out what to do with that. I had an idea of taking an M30 door card apart, putting the R31 parts on it and have door cards redone.


8. Passenger side door linkage

When I got Project Leopard, the passenger side door handle, connecting rods and door locking latch (that keeps the door closed) were all messed up. Someone down the line screwed with it. I got all those spare parts from a junked M30.

During my car being a Sakura Garbage’s place, for some reason, the idiot wanted removed not only the doors, but took out everything like the glass and locking latch. I felt that was dumb and a waste of time.

Upon further inspect, one of the rods was put upside down. So I’ll have to loosen the locking latch and correct the rod’s direction. *Never let dummies take apart your car, especially if it is unnecessary. 


9. Digital Dash

With Bucky going MIA (that’s another story) my plans for wiring up the digital cluster was put aside. Again, it isn’t a priority, but just as we are getting closer, It would be cool to have it done. Charlie (Infinite Auto design and West Coast Custom’s EV guy) said he would do it for me. I can’t thank my dude enough.

Conclusion for this trip

While the main purpose of this trip was derailed, at least I was able to put some of the interior together. These are not as important as the engine, but I at least spent time working on the car for a bit.