Diplomat 2023 retrospection

For most of 2023, my blue M30 sat in my garage. It was slammed from last time (JCCS 2022) and the alignment was way off. On top of that, my PS was leaking. I barely worked on it and my full concentration was on Project Leopard. When I started to hit the failures of
sakura garbage I had to refocus since it was car show season.

As usual, I wasn’t prepared and was thinking that Project Leopard would be completed.

Early part of the year, I was in Japan and was able to pick up a few parts for the Diplomat. One key component was the steering wheel. Suenaga-san also got me tv antenna!

Once I realized that Project Leopard wouldn’t make JCCS, I started to put my blue M30 together. As I mentioned, hefty PS leaking going on. The suspension I had on my car was the old BC racing coilovers and I had to get those unstuck (Big thanks to Lamar/Total Shop Prestige). A couple of days before I was to leave for JCCS, I got smog and alignment done. Taped up the front and drove to LA (6hr drive from the bay area).

Very nervous and making sure my car was solid, it held up. Once I got into LA and pulled up to Infinite Auto Design, I noticed a “pop” when I turned. Stayed up all night working on the body for Diplomat, wet sanding panels and what not until 3am.

I entered JCCS again!


The next day I was suppose to go to Nissfest, but I decided to check on that “pop” and found out it was a ball joint. No cotter pin and so it was ripping the threads. On top of that, the right side front was loose. Everything had to be re-tightened. Hung helped me out with getting the ball joint in.

Very nervous going on a 6hr ride home, but I made it.


I then decided to enter HIN in San Mateo.


It was fun and to meet a bunch of great people in the NorCal car scene. Plus to get the M30 out there.


I still had to address the PS leak, so I ended up getting all new hoses. The high pressure PS hose, I had to get professionally made. I also took a couple weeks to get the right hoses for fuel and power steering.



In retrospect, I wish I jumped on this car a bit earlier. I should have had somethings redone. I do want to get a newer suspension set up, refresh the aero and eventually paint it another color.