Visit to Motorex – 2001

If it isn’t well known now, Motorex was a company that brought over Skylines legally (at first). They sold Legal skylines for 3x the price of that in Japan.

They were big… I don’t fully understand what happened and I’m sure there is more to the story, but Motorex got into some heavy illegal trouble.

Anyways, when they first set up shop, My cousin Sid and I checked them out.


I had a few more pictures, but lost most of them. But here is the one I saved.




Nisei Week – Little Tokyo, Los Angeles – 2001

I was staying in Norwalk for the summer with my cousin Sid. It was an EPIC WEEK. Sid and I went to Motorex and drove skylines and we went to a few other shops, such as the new Bomex shop, VIS Racing, and Wings West.

We went to Nisei week and showed up early. We started watching people arrive and set up. We then watched Art N Motion set up and there was RJ De Vera. He was and still is a big name in the scene. He was known for his NSX. But he drove his S2000. He let me sit and take pictures in his S2000.

You can see Non also prepping his S14 240sx. At the time, he had one of the coolest S14s around. I almost want to  say Non is one of the first few that did an Sr20det swap at the time, but I can’t remember.

Anyways, some of the big teams came out. Team Hybrid, Flux, and others. Motorex brought out their cars, including a Maxima that was converted to look like an R33. Signal Auto showed their drag race skyline. Bomex showed a ton of cars too (this was when they came to the US).

The reason why this show was awesome besides what was listed above, tons of industry names and models, and Fast and the Furious 1 was coming out…

No, what made this show pretty cool was that it was a good mix of well done show cars with wide body modifications and tail light conversion Hondas and tons of Toyota, and Mazdas that were kept clean and “JDM” styled.




Team Reaction Yokohama meet

When Takashi got his Evo. Also a night meet up with Mazda Roadster, Toyota Supra and Torneo R.




SCCA Club Rally and Rallycross events – 2003

Before people jumped on the Subaru rally bandwagon when the WRX came state side, I knew a few 2.5 RS Impreza guys who were heavy in rally and actually participated in the rally cross events. I felt this was more of the locals in Washington state.

There was also a huge rally event below Olympia, Washington (maybe Centraila or Elma area). I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as there were some monsters there! These cars were pure rally cars and not street driven. I remember seeing some of them having a 1 day trip permit. Of course there were some RHD rally cars too.

Anyways, I combined these 2 events because most of the pictures were of cars on the course and with a regular camera, wasn’t as dramatic or dynamic as it would be with SLR with lens.

Impreza meet and Six Star Magazine photoshoot – 2004

While in Osaka, I was able to see my friends have a meeting and also Nobuo get his car shot for Six Star Magazine.

I was HELLA outta place, but it was very cool to see so many Imprezas… I walked around taking pictures. Again, this was in 2004, and the Impreza started to get popular in the US because of the WRX.




JDM Theory – 2007

JDM theory was held in downtown SF somewhere I believe. It was really cool to see some awesome cars. Also the Scions came out at this event. I recently moved to the Bay area and was still trying to establish myself. But I made some cool friends at this event and it was a nice gathering.



Team Integera meet – 2007

I never had an Integra, but I had friends who did (like anyone else LOL). One of my friends told me about the (website/forum) meeting on Treasure Island.

My goal was to go there and take pictures and meet people. I showed up and it was kinda cool to see a lot of Integras and RSXs.. I haven’t seen this many since the early 2000 Honda-tech meetings and street racing in Canada.

MotorFX shop opening – Los Angeles – 2006

After the M30 meeting, I went to a shop called MotorFX as they had an small opening going on. I showed up. I believe they were into Scions, but also did other sport compacts. Anyways, I rolled up in the M30 and parked it. Nobody noticed until one person started asking about what car it was.

Anyways, cell phone camera at the time quality! LOL.

The people were very cool and had some deals going on.



MB meet n BBQ – 2007?

I started to meet with tons of people and also get on many forums. It was glad to finally meet some of the guys and they were super welcoming as I was new in the area.

Small get together, but awesome nonetheless.

Freakmont Nissan meet- Fremont, CA – 2006

I rolled up in my beat up M30!!! LOL… anyways, always represent.

I had just moved to the Bay area and I wanted to start meeting new folks to hang around. I want to say this was a Nissan event.

I love seeing different builds, so seeing the G20s and other FWD Nissans was cool. I was initially hanging out with a ton of Nissan guys because it was about promoting Nissan Pacific.


Anyways, the model that was there was Nikki Cash!!! So let me tell you some back story. Nikki Cash, DMX808 and I would always be on AOL Chatrooms back in the late 98-99. Anyways, I caught up with her and it was a trip!

Anyways, here are the pix..