Low mile Black M30 convertible

I recently got in touch with an M30 convertible owner. He is selling his M30, but to the right person and the right price.

He got it brand new (first owner) and has always kept it garaged and well maintained. He initially got it and was gonna pass it on to his son, but his son got a Mustang GT.

He mentioned he bought everything for the car. I might have misunderstood him, but I thought he was selling his tonneau cover aka boot cover. It never got to that because he showed me this:


I’ve seen them before, one with a forum member and one in the junkyard (both) in 2005 and I regret not getting the one in the junkyard. But I guess it is interesting to see this option as I don’t see them anymore.

Here are the rest of the pictures he sent me. It is for sale, but last year the Infiniti dealership offered him $10,000 and he turned it down. He said he has everything for it and by the looks of the car, it is well taken cared of.