Part 3. Inspiration leads to motivation

No M30 and having F31club with no idea how to make it “something” was difficult. There is this feeling and people’s perception that because you don’t own something, you are irrelevant to it. I was planning on going to Japan in the Summer of 2016 until I saw Kyouhyou post for the 30th Annual Leopard meeting in October.  After meeting with the Hawaiian group, I was inspired. I then went to Japan and met with many Leopard owners.

When I came back after 2 weeks there, I decided put together F31club to be more than just a forum. I was inspired so much, I needed to get another M30. My Midnight Ryder was gone. I had to accept it. I found a good conditioned M30 in Portland. I flew up, checked it out and drove 9 hours back. I immediately started to get my JDM parts together and waited for my packages from Japan.


When we first made F31club, it was all about swapping and drifting. A good portion of the core group did that. But I didn’t… and that impacted my motivation.

After meeting my Hawaiian and Japanese brothers in 2016, I was inspired by the different perspectives they have taken.

I realized I didn’t have to prove anything. I didn’t need to have the JDM knock off at a show. I realized I didn’t need to get sideways with an RB motor. I didn’t need to be stanced out trying to imitate Sano and Mie’s car.

Something that I learned from my Hawaiian and Japanese brothers –  appreciate the M30 as is. Now that is fundamental to me.

That was my foundation of the M30 in 2004. I liked it because it was a nice car, even how rough my black M30 was.

The pride of many of the leopard owners to me was impressive. Their dedication and devotion to the F31 and being an owner is simply something we Americans can’t really touch. There are Leopard owners who’ve owned the same car since it came out and guys who have gone through a few F31s to finally reach an M30…

This was inspirational to me and has become my long term goal.