Genuine Infiniti Car phone

A car phone is definitely an outdated piece of technology. At the time of the early 90s, there were no cell phones.. or they were not common as they are today (2017).

Infiniti offered the Car phone in the Q45 and M30 for $900!!!  A few years back, I saw on in a Q45 in the Junkyard and didn’t care because it’s irrelevant today… But I regretted passing it up the more I started to think about it.

When I visited Carshop Friend in 2016, I saw this:


This is a genuine phone that was in the Grand Selection or at least in the Nissan leopards (possibly in a Zenki). I didn’t realize it until I seen a few more at the Nissan leopard meetings I attended.


So I started to think that if I ever see an Infiniti phone, I’d get it for the looks rather than the functionality as long as the price justified the item.

I began to lose hope because I didn’t see any. When I started to look at CL’s M30s, I noticed a few did have a phone!



A couple weeks ago, I decided to hit the junkyard to get a fender for my Previa. I decided to walk the yard and saw a Q45. I looked inside and I couldn’t believe it!

It was clean. Not only that, it was mounted in the armrest when you opened it up.

Also, unlike the phone above, this has INFINITI on it!!!


I was thinking the price of it would be $10-15, knowing that some junkyards try their best to get money out of you. This lady was nice and realized this was not a highly sought item (easy to down play the item).

$2.36 everything!







car phone base with mounting platform.







I was simply amazed at this piece. While it will not be functional, I do like the looks and it is era correct and GENUINE INFINITI!!!!