Head gasket done – F31roger

When I got my Black M30, I had to change a few things out. At the time (2004) the car was 14 years old, I had picked up the preventative maint mentality from my 240sx, RX7 and Cressida, the M30 was gonna be no different.

I made a list of things I needed to change so I can make it reliable. This typically is the whole water pump/thermostat/time belt and head gasket deal. While it was down, I even did the wheel bearings. It took longer since I never worked with a V6 before. After that, my M30 took me from Canada to Southern California… multiple times!

When I picked up my current M30, I was fortunate enough that the previous owner and the original owner kept all the work done. I could come up with things I wanted to change based on that. Seeing that the water pump wasn’t touched and timing belt was due (my M30 has 152,000 miles) I figure when I get time, do the whole deal again.

I was gonna have a shop do it because I worked, but that shop closed up a few months ago. They then referred me to a shop in the area. I gave them a call and they quoted me $4000.

I then remember getting a card from one of the guys. So I contacted him and he said he could do it for $1500 and be done in 4 days.

It would be done at his garage, with his license and warranty on parts and labor. I decided to go this route.

Needless to say, I’ve been happy to get this done. He also looked at stuff while it was off and said the engine was well taken cared of (thank you Jeff – Previous owner).

All gaskets, timing components, cam seals, water pump, thermostat and heads were done. I ordered a few items, such as the upper radiator hose with the coolant bleeder valve and a few other small items.


While the head gasket didn’t need to be replaced, I felt while I am there, mind as well. At least I know where this part of my M30 stands.

Next is a ton of hose changes.