Sneak Peak 2018

I didn’t think it would happen, in fact I still can’t believe it.

One of my brothers has been generous enough to give me some zenki parts.

Excited.. but I realize I need to bring it stateside and gotta figure out how.

1st set Suenaga-san – Thank you

Ita-san… thank you!




2nd – Arigato Yuuya-san


The Zenki front end is something I’ve wanted for almost 15yrs. I was able to snag Zenki headlights in 2005.. but didn’t realize I needed the other components (hood, fenders and bumper).

2005 was the peak of the customize front end craze of the import tuning scene, so I thought I would just have to hit up JT Autostyle or PJ Bonafacio’s shop and have them graft it on.

But now I realize I need the bumper for that crisp Zenki look.