Sergey in Russia

I recently got in contact with Sergey. He had picked up a Blue Zenki Leopard. I asked him about how he came about it and this is what he said:


So the story is following:
The car has been imported to Russia in 1998, and since that time has only one owner (before me). That was a family not far from Chelyabinsk. It came to Russia with the mileage app. 205-210.000 km’s – because of the feature with the dashboard it was easy to sell as “rather new car” to the usual people. It hasn’t been used much, but it has been used really rough – the rear suspension is in really poor conditions, full rebuild is required. Now the mileage is 249.000 km. In 2011 the wife of the owner has damaged the car a bit – right headlight has been broken. They couldn’t find any new headlight, so they’ve decided to sell it. But there were no potential buyers – that’s why the registration of the car has been cancelled in 2012 (because they didn’t want to pay the taxes). The car has been sold by parts slowly, and dying in the barn. We’ve found in this autumn – with no front bumper, brake calipers (front and rear), door windows, broken AT. However, the engine was going well, so we’ve decided to buy it and restore it a bit.
The paint is close to be original, but it’s not – the original one is bit darker and not that shiny. Bottom part is done with the cheapest paint.
As soon as I’ve got my hands on it and done the inspection – the only good things were the body, engine and interior. Other stuff is rotten or broken.
Now the car is in Moscow, and most of the needed parts are found. It can even bring me easily to the short distances.
The car:
F31 Zenki XJ-II with VG20E inside. I suppose that it’s the basic version, only with addition of Puretron.
The fact that he picked up a project and is on a mission to restore it is amazing!