Infiniti Carphone part II


Out of pure interest, I started to look online about carphones. There are some awesome articles written on TTAC and a few other blog sites.

When I searched, I didn’t find anything on 1990 Infiniti’s and carphones.

So I decided to look at carphones to try and find what kind of phone this is. I came upon a page doing a review on Motorola phones on youtube, the channel is called Brickcellphones, but here is the video

I started to look closely at the phones and it looked exactly like the Motorola Micro TAC. While the design is pretty spot on, the flip down part didn’t have Motorola. Infact, when I looked all over the phone, I didn’t see anything related to Motorola.

In that video, I guess I got intrigued with the LED display and I wondered what this phone would be if I could charge it. I went to my car real quick and got the phone.


Upon taking out the battery, I started to inspect it more. On the back, I saw the model number: 999Q5SD008

I decided to quickly pop that in google and infinitiparts had it!




LOL. Insane!


Here is another:


$1530.60 with No battery!!!!



Still, I had no distinct markings of who made it besides the “Compact Communicator”.

The only thing I see is “MFG in USA for NMC in USA”. I suspect that is Motorola, but nothing with NMC came up on Google. Maybe it was Motorola’s old name. I found the FCC ID and I typed it in and found it to be Motorola!

Okay, so that is solved.

No I just gotta find a charger!