Heads and tails part 4: Zenki taillights painted and installed

So finally got the tail lights on this weekend!

Took time, but I sanded both sides frames and cleaned up the blemishes good (but not perfect). After coats of primer, paint and clear, I could see how different it is.

I knew the paint wasn’t gonna match completely perfect (all the exposure and wear/tear since 1991), but it wasn’t too bad.

I took off my old tail lights and the licence plate location frame. The paint was peeling there and I felt “why not”? So I sanded down, primer, painted and clear.


I spent the some time masking things off, but I missed a spot here and there… annoyed! LOL. Oh well.


After some painting, I had to bring it into the sun and see how it looked. Yeah, I was feeling it!


At first, I was excited to use these LED lights I bought from Amazon. Well guess what? I was having some issues with the 1157 not turning on when the headlight switch was activated. Same with the 1156.

So I reverted back to halogen bulbs for now. Now all my lights work! And I have a bunch of LED bulbs.




And a quick night check


Quick note: I did this just to get them on. I know in the future I am gonna repaint the car, so when that time comes, that is where I will do some major body work to get things perfect. 

This is just me being impulsive with new stuff.