Recent projects reflection

I’m in the middle of finishing up my blogs about the headlights and tail lights.

I’ve been trying to replace a lot of stuff on my M30 and getting these small projects done.

  • change front seats out
  • Install washer motor
  • Zenki tails – clean, repair, prep, paint, change bulbs, and install
  • Front bumper – removal, sand/prep/paint chipped area
  • Front lip – fill in small cuts, sand/prep/paint, and reinstall
  • Kouki Leopard head lights – make wiring harness, wire up, test, install.
  • License plate bracket install

Not to mention I had to get materials and items

  • paint code
  • body filler
  • fiberglass and resin
  • ordered 5 different types of LED bulbs
  • Bought halogen bulbs when the LEDs didn’t work properly.
  • Electrical items – wires, plugs and pig tails


But last night, it felt good to have it done.