Ned’s auto body supply paint

I stopped by here a while back to see if I could match something to my bottom color (for the aero kit), but I couldn’t. They mentioned they do mix paint.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been hesitant to get paint mixed. I know it won’t be exact or perfect, but I figure I would end up painting my whole car anyway.

In true project status, I test fit my aero and some quick bondo and primer. I’ve left it on for months LOL. I’ve been meaning to go to Ned’s, but the issue is my time always conflicts with their store hours. Saturdays I work, so when I get off, they are closed.

Anyways, I was definitely annoyed by the paint chipping on my bottom right corner above the front lip. I also knew that my Zenki tail lights were coming soon and they were different colors. I couldn’t wait to put them on, but I had to get them some what the same color as my M30 (blue grey storm).

On a Friday when I got off work, I was able to head to Ned’s and get the paint mixed.



The lady that mixed my paint also gave me a bottle of touch up for the blue grey storm. I had a couple of rock chip spots that I wanted to test out. The color was slightly darker, but I didn’t mind. I was actually happy about it.

The true test of the blue grey storm was the tail lights. It is slightly darker, but it is better than being Beige and Black.


This past weekend, It was now time to test the lower portion of the M30’s two tone, Gray metallic.

After I sanded down my bumper, I sprayed it in one spot and couldn’t believe how close it was. It was better than the blue grey storm as far as matching!

While still darker, it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Overall, I was impressed. Impressed to the fact that I want to spray other parts of my car that seem to need it.

Parts that need Blue grey include the top of the rear bumper (faded) and Leopard mouldings


For the Gray metallic, the rest of the aero (side skirts and rear valances), but also the lower half of the front bumper as it also needs a respray.


The 12oz can of paint costs $21 each. I think I get another can of gray metallic.