Heads and tails part 7: corner lamps

In 2005/6 when I was installing my headlights, I decided not to put in my JDM corners. One of them had a cracked lens, but I also forgot that the Leopard corners are thicker since it uses an 1157 bulb.

The M30 corner lamp isn’t a turn signal, it is a running light, while the leopard is a turn signal and a running light.

The M30 is on top, Leopard on the bottom. The amber corner is different on the leopard and more pronounced (it sticks out).


The difference is also that the M30 uses 2 194 bulbs (on the left in this picture), while the Leopard uses an 1157 dual filament for turn signal and running light, and 1 194 bulb in the amber lens.

The Leopard corner lamp is a turn signal too.


But as you see in this picture, it is also thicker.

This thickness hits the M30 fender’s front support bracket. The leopard had a different bracket.

I am never one to grind stuff from the car, so I decided not to grind the support bracket. But I decided I at least wanted the lens.

I messaged Dave(Driftur) as he did this in 2008.


Dave gave me some tips on what to do to swap the Leopard corner lens and M30. Thanks Brother!