History Lesson: LML


Before social media, instant messaging, the easy access of searching and finding things instantly, the internet used to be selective. Before people didn’t have sophisticated cell phones like we currently do in 2018. Searching yahoo.com would not pull up the same results as searching yahoo.co.jp

In 1999/2000, I found this out and made many friends in different regions. Additionally, people would make their own webpages using basic html coding. Many people made the own personal car homepage or for short HP.

When we would search yahoo.co.jp and find tons of leopard owner HPs, we would gawk at the pictures and be amazed. We were blown away by all the meeting pictures!


I came upon this page when searching and it was called “LML”.

LML was the acronym for Leopard Mailing list. It was a bbs style board where people could post items for sale, parts or set up meetings. It was also a mailing list, so it was sent through email.

LML eventually turned into Leopard web.



People used to sell used part and plan meetings.