QA on vent fins and seat switch

Renny has been testing his 3D printed stuff… that is something I don’t see many home engineers do.

He waited til it was a decent sunny day in Hawaii, but wants to see how they hold up in summer (being ABS, by theory they should be strong).

Heat & UV testing a 3d printed power seat switch & passenger side air vent fin for the M30. So far, peaked at 114°F and no deformation. Just waiting for summer to come around for more intense Hawaiian sun. Malik White already beta testing the shorty power seat switch in his M.

It is great to test these.
On that note… well, I found this in an M30 a while back. I couldn’t believe it and I had so many questions like, “where in the hell do you work or live that puffs up you vent fins!?”
Honestly glad to see some QA and is done because people are quick to sell stuff nowadays and just replace if it ain’t working right. It’s good to see quality being tested.