Saving parts from junkyard M30s

There have been too many M30s going to the junkyards and often times good parts go to waste. The issue is most people say “get me this” but don’t have the money. This is a problem that should be solved. In all honesty, even with PnP, parts prices can add up.

Malik and I were talking recently and thought about this. There are currently 2 M30s, but they are VERY FAR (1.5 and 2 hours away). He recently made the trek to a PnP in Chico, CA and that was a 2 hour journey one way. Not only that, they are past the 30 day mark.

But again, when it comes to money, this is where folks should really get straight. More recently, I haven’t had the time, but I try to get much of the small stuff and things I think matter or that could be used to take a part.

Just like Jim, I know there are a few people who have no problem using Paypal or other ways to pay for items. But it’s also being selective on people who need it and can pay for it.

I’ve personally started to gather stuff and now spending money on big stuff. We have to realize that these cars and their parts are gonna get crushed. I’ve kept that mentality going and it is always a sobering reminder to double up on parts.


Again, how many times have parts like the convertible boot cover have been discarded as nothing and gone to waste.


If you need parts, post it, but also have money to cover expenses.

Factors like time (to pull items) or final costs (I’ve had different people give me different prices from the cheapest to PnP’s “like new” BS prices).

In May 5 2017, my trip to Japan was coming up and I contacted my brothers to see if they needed anything, I had a couple requests and looked at and there were 7 M30s!!!


Needless to say, I picked up a ton of parts for everyone and myself.

Jim P made a post called, Save M30s from the junkyard, in which he said:

This is my first time posting anything on the site. I’ve owned 8 convertibles and 1 coupe in the last 5 years. I currently have a white convert that I have been chasing for almost 3 years.  I’ve managed to keep several of them very stock by salvaging as many usable parts as I can find from junkyards from all over the states of Washington, Oregon and California.  Most wrecking yards other than the Pick n Pull’s usually let the cars stay in the in the yards for over 90 days.  You can call and ask about parts and if they are good they’ll pull them and send them to you.  Lately it seems that seems that most M30’s have been ending up in Pick n Pulls and the car is crushed within about 45 days at the most. Some of the photos from Row 52 show that quite a few parts are salvageable, however go to waste because I’m too far away to retrieve them. My biggest regret was not getting back to a Pick n Pull in Tacoma to get a fairly clean interior and quarter windows.

I encourage everyone to check the Pick n Pull yards and inform others on this site what parts are usable and collect as many parts as you can afford and/or store for a rainy day.  Every month it gets harder and harder to find these cars in yards.  Check Row 52.  I’m happy to pay someone to grab parts and ship them to me. I also have parts that I can trade.

I was at Jim’s house and he had tons of parts!!



Also the trips to Japan have yield so much information and ideology!!! The houses I’ve been to in Japan, the Leopard and M30 owners in Japan KNEW after 1992, parts weren’t gonna be made anymore and just started getting getting stuff and stockpiling!!!

Leopard house!

Conclusion: there should be a small group that focuses on helping the community. Some people are collectors and have back ups they don’t want to sell. While others don’t mind helping getting parts from the junkyards as long as money is paid.