Update on Renny’s 3D items

Renny gave Mark and I an update on the passenger side vent and seat switches. After testing them in the basic plastic, he decided to produce them with ABS (stronger) and do some QA testing.

He also decided to make EVERYTHING for the passenger side vent… Bezel, fins and even the side mounting!!!!


While he was working on that, I asked him about other items that might help the community. So I offered this vent:

I was only able to save this much, but we can digitally fill in the broken pieces. This vent is located above the passenger side vent that is always broken.

In the previous post about my plans, I mentioned the leopards that were taken apart. One favor I asked from Itabashi-san was getting the passenger side vents for the F31 leopard. I tried to get a brand new set (in the box too) from YAJ, but they went to $300 I believe. Obviously someone needed them more than I do.

But, Itabashi-san sent me these:


You can see these vents are on the passenger side:


So Renny is gonna make a a few of these!!! F31 Leopard vents!!! Gonna be interesting and also help out the Leopard community!!!