North San Jose convertible May 2020 run down

There has been maybe 10 M30s since December that have been in Northern California Junkyards.

With being busy, I have limited time to spend at the junkyard. So it is why when I go, I just get what I need. I do try to accommodate parts request as much as possible. I also try to do my due diligence and save many good parts. I try.

With building Project Leopard and other thing (such as buying/shipping stuff from Japan)… I don’t always have my typical budget for each junked M30.

But here is a run through that I did with the Convertible that was at the NSJ PnP.


I stopped by quickly at the end of the day to see the car. I checked condition and parts… and also with particular car, I got a vert boot cover.

I had to wait til the follow weekend to get parts from it because I work 6 days a week.

But my process is this:

  • What do I need?
  • What do I need to save?
  • Who needs what?

What do I need: For this particular car,  I remembered what was missing in Project Leopard. Driver side wiper, hood, hood hinges, passenger side door components, door handle. Trim pieces.

What do I need to save: vert rear quarter glass, Infiniti plenum cover, front bumper, headlights..etc

Who needs what? Mark needed stuff, Noguchi-san needed stuff. Itabashi-san needed stuff… etc

So first off,

A quick look around. As I usually do.


I hit the door components. Project Leopard’s passenger side door isn’t working and loose. I had asked Roger V if he could stop by Project Leopard and take pictures. He sent me exactly what I needed.


After that, I decided to get the right side components too. Door handle, rods and even the hitch part. Figure why not.

Project Leopard’s hood flew open during a drift event.. so the hood and rods that hold the hood up were bent and whacked. Also there were not mounting brackets for them. Had to make sure I got everything.


Some of the brothers requested M30 specific parts and so I got them what they needed. WHILE THEY DON’T HELP ME ON F31CLUB, they have helped me with my build and given me content for F31club.


Once I get the major stuff of the mission, I then go after what I can get. Rear quarter vert glass is a must. This also takes time, especially if the top is up. I think this is about a 30min process.

You have to make sure you don’t break the actuators… which at times do break from the allen wrench torquing. After that, then you gotta just take the whole actuator apart. Bunch of tiny screws. Then gotta make sure the metal supports of the top don’t break the rear quarter glass when you are attempting to manually open the top.

Then there is the side tear down to get to the window.

saved vert rear quarter glass


Bumpers, especially the rear bumper…. is truly a pain. In order to get to it, tail lights have to be removed first. Then you can see a bunch of 10mm nuts between the bumper and the car… and let’s hope none are seized! More nuts on the bottom and rear wheel wells. Those definitely take time as well.

I also grab all the bolts and nuts from the M30s I pick. I think it is good to have this stuff.

Again, depending on time (not just at the junkyard, but also going there as a few are more than an hour away), I have to keep it limited.

As of late, I’ve just needed parts for Project Leopard.