Project Leopard – RB25det Transmission

This was in December 2022 I believe. So after getting all the transmission components (all nnew). we started putting it all together. We ran into clearance issues with the clutch  fork.

Concept Z offered a heavy duty clutch fork for the RB transmission. Note the part number: #30531-CD000



On that same ordering page, there are options for additional stuff, in which I did order.



As you can see as my order states, the shift fork is the same number as noted above.





We put the throw out bearing together with the shift fork.




After install, Hung said it’s not centered right and that something is off. So we looked at everything to make sure we didn’t mess up.



Hung decided to message Jason (Rival Autoworks, Apexi) and explained the situation. Since Jason was down the street, he said I could stop by and see if anything at the shop would work.


After Hung figured out what was needed, we set on using the new shift fork, used good condition throw out bearing and we had to change the pivot ball to a longer one.





That combination seemed to work great!


This was a good set up, but I couldn’t believe that my NEW stuff meant for the RB engine (but in the invoice all Z stuff) didn’t work out.