Sand Point, Lake Tahoe 2015

To celebrate Lucas’ 1st birthday, we took a trip to Lake Tahoe. This was between seasons, so even though there was snow, it didn’t seem enough for it to be super busy.

But we didn’t go for snowboarding or skiing.


It felt like there weren’t any or many tourists, but it was kinda nice to go to a beach or park and have very few people there!

We stayed the night, but the treasure was the beaches… they were pretty empty or very few people on them!!!


the one we spent time at was Sand Point, which is on the upper right side of Lake Tahoe.

Sand and CLEAR WATER!!!!




Final Night in Akihabara

After getting back from Nakano Broadway, we had to do some shopping and Akihabara was the spot we went to.

We came upon a bunch of anime plastered cars and I talked to a few people about their cars. I took pictures of Jacob in front of them too.


Nakano Broadway

We then decided to go to Nakano Broadway, this is where there are tons of stuff. We jumped on the Saikyo line to Shinjuku Station, then got on the Chuo line to Nakano Station.

It was a long walk through a covered shopping street. Then I saw the sign!

The ground level floor had clothes and supermarket and food. I thought I might have gotten Nakano Broadway wrong (it is suppose to be the better alternative to Akihabara). Then we started seeing all the shops!!! Robot Robot, Elf, Mandarake… I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!

Okay.. that was dope. I started to go to the other side of the floor and that is when my heart started to pound!!! M.U.S.C.L.E and Battle Beasts… Old skool Tomicas…

Sunshine city Pokemon Center

I didn’t take many pictures because this place was too packed.

There was a huge line to get in and check out.


So not only was it Oban Festival and Mountain day (national holidays for Japan), but it was Pokemon Festival too.

All the times I’ve seen Pokemon Centers, they have always been busy… this day, it was extreme!!!


47 Ronin Gravesite

I had waken up earlier to pack a few things and map out where to go.

I wanted to visit the Sengaku-ji Temple. This is the place where the 47 Ronin and their master are buried. If you don’t know the history of the 47 Ronin, it is about loyalty and gruesome revenge.

47 Ronin history

We arrived and Sengaku-ji Station and walked about a block to the temple. I took time to read many of the signs. It was really interesting.



Pokemon Festival

So after Satoshi-san dropped us off, I was going to take Jacob to Pokemon Center. Earlier when Satoshi-san picked us up, we saw a few Pikachu around.

Well, there was a LONG line at the Pokemon Center. But it was also a Pikachu Festival!!!

Near the water was a Pokemon show, tons of stuff!