Muni Heritage Weekend + SF Railway Museum 2018

I found out it was Muni Heritage weekend. I wanted to take my kids to check it out. I found out that it is also near the SF Railway Museum and so that made it even better!

When we arrived in the Plaza, there were 2 vehicles for people to take pictures. A bus and cable car.

Across the street was the SF Railway Museum.


The heritage fleet (classic bus and streetcars) were giving free rides. Depending on which bus you want to ride, it would give you a scenic route. The vintage vehicles were FREE!!!

We only got to ride on bus and then got on “the boat” streetcar for Pier 39.




SF Railway Museum was small, but very cool. The history was awesome and there were some cool items to buy. I personally loved the history that is show here!!!

Palace of Fine Arts

Heading towards the Golden Gate from SF, you will see the Palace of Fine Arts. Outside, if you can find parking, it is nice to just hangout and view the mini lake and older architecture.


You can also go inside and get a history lesson. It is an active place for music as there are artist and events constantly happening there.


California Academy of Science



Located in Golden Gate Park, the California Academy of Science is pretty cool. There is an a Planetarium, live animals, aquarium, rain forest..

It is about $40 for adult.  I always look for discounts, but sometimes there are free days.



On certain evenings, they place in transformed to Nightlife. It is live music, drinks and hanging out. Pretty much a dive bar with animals around. LOL.

Tilden Park mini steam train

Tilden park is located in the hills near Oakland, Emeryville and Berkeley. Like any big park, there are things to see throughout.

We have typically taken the kids there for both the park, little farm and Tilden natural area for some short hikes.

But we’ve mainly come to experience the steam train.

The location is actually further south. Take Central Park Dr until you hit the Tilden Merry Go Around.


Coit Tower

One of the bright spots in San Francisco at night is Coit Tower. It isn’t super tall, but going along the water front, you can’t miss it.  It is a tourist attraction. During day time, it is a NIGHTMARE to go there.

There aren’t many parking spots at Coit Tower and there is a line going to Coit Tower and people waiting for people to leave.

Best thing to do is park someplace below Coit Tower (preferably on the east) and go up Filbert Steps or Greenwich Steps.

To go up Coit Tower, it is usually $6 to $9 depending on resident or non resident and then you get a 30 degree view of SF.


I usually take people at night because there are no crowds and some people hanging around. While going up will be closed, The Tower lit up is gorgeous, especially if there is a theme.