ORCA card

This is the regional transit card. I bought this because I wanted to travel from Lakewood to Seattle. This is suppose to cover most of the buses, trains and even Ferry.

One Regional Card for All (ORCA)

The ORCA card is all you need to pay your fare on Sound Transit, Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Seattle Street Car, the King County Water Taxi, and Washington State Ferries.

Orca card

website: orca card

Starbuck Headquarters

It used to be a Sears Roebucks when I was a kid. But it has been Starbuck’s headquarters for the longest!

It was interesting to visit this location and see this upscale cafe. Many of the employees were from different stores throughout the US.

There were some really interesting and great tasting foods. There was also a bar.

Pike’s Place Farmer’s Market 2018

This was an impromptu trip to the Pacific Northwest/Seattle. I had decided to visit my parents for Thanksgiving a couple days before.

We were busy all day and by the time we hit the Market, it was pretty much closing. But it is always great to explore. It has been quite some time since I was there, so to visit with a different perspective and with kids, it was more about exploring.

Seattle Monorail 2018

It’s true. Seattle has a Monorail, but it isn’t super fast or anything. It is historic and only goes to a few minutes away.

There are 2 stations, Seattle Center and Westlake shopping center.

One way for an adult is $2.50 and double for roundtrip.

Since I want to share my train experiences, here are the photos.

I believe this the monorail’s mascot, Monorail Man!

Space Needle 2018

It has been a long time since I have been to the Space Needle, but also with my family.

While I forgot the price, it was $100+ for 4 of us!!!

Anyways, we get up there the kids love it. Go down to the glass floor (newer I believe) and Lucas gets scared! LOL. It is kinda insane.

Eventually it was all fun and a great experience!

Website: Space Needle