I’ve been to Japan many times and I cannot get enough of it. Being a Japanese car enthusiast, this is heaven. While all my trips have been about cars, I made the mistake in my early trips (2001-2006) of not exploring the culture enough. I was only focused on cars and friends, so when I returned subsequently, I made sure it was about culture, history and art.

In 1999, I was surfing Yahoo.co.jp and was looking at websites. Many Japanese were making their own homepages through geocities.co.jp and others. The results of yahoo was different with each region. After I connected with a few people, I eventually made my way to there.

2001-2006 (all car related)

Most of the pictures can be found on the main site since it is all car related. https://www.f31club.com/f31rogers-car-blog/

2016 (car and culture related)

This was my return trip after 10 years. This time, my wife was coming.

Leopardess train experience

2017 ( 3x in Japan)

May 2017 – Wandering Leopard Pilgrimage

This was my trip to criss cross Japan. I’m working on a post that is traveling between the cities and what days. Some of the days were super interesting as I jumped multiple systems to get to one location.

WLP train experience

The list of the days here were short break downs on what I did that day. These are on the main f31club website. Since I made this sub directory for traveling and family, I’ve added more pictures below of the NON Car related stuff.

  1. Sunday – Arrival in Japan and to Takamatsu
  2. Monday – Okayama, Hiroshima, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi and back to Hiroshima
  3. Tuesday – Hiroshima, Osaka and Shiga
  4. Wednesday – Gifu, Nagoya and Sendai
  5. Thursday – Sendai
  6. Friday – Tokyo and Saitama
  7. Sunday – Hakone to 31st Leopard meeting
  8. Monday morning Japan – Leopard cruise to Mishima Skywalk Bridge
  9. Narita airport to Vancouer Airport to San Francisco International airport

August 2017 – Wandering Leopard and cub

This was a 5 day trip was with my son Jacob. Initially it was a joke. We were already in the Philippines and for his birthday, he wanted to see Japan, so we went. Going to Japan is not without meeting my F31 family, so I contacted people to let them know I’ll be there. My focus was Tokyo and Yokohama. I did want to expand out, but since we kept it cool.

WLC train experience

  1. Thursday – Narita Airport, Shinjuku (Godzilla head), Reiyukai Shakaden Hall, Tokyo Tower, Zojo-ji Temple, SL Plaza, and Hakuhinkan Toy Park.
  2. Friday –  Akihabara (Tam Tam, Golden Age Toys, Trader 3, Animate, Mandrake), Shikansen Festival, Ryōgoku Kokugikan (Sumo Hall), Odaiba (Trick Art Museum) and Iidabashi mini meet.
  3. Saturday- Yokohama – Pokemon Festival, Yokohama mini meet and Iidabashi mini meet.
  4. Sunday – 47 Ronin gravesite, Tokyo Dome City, Sunshine City (Pokemon Mega Center), Nakano Broadway, and Akihabara (cars)
  5. Akihabara Night – 8/13/2017

September/October 2017 Wandering Leopard Saga

This as the final journey in Japan for 2017. This was my 3rd time this year and again, this was gonna be spread out. My last 3 trips have embolden me again to wander Japan and this is what I did.  I wanted to hit places that I tried to do in May, but wasn’t able to do so because of time. Some of the goals I had for this trip also didn’t materialized for a few different reasons.

WLS train experience 2017

  1. Thursday – Arrival to Yokohama and going to Saitama
  2. Friday – Saitama Tuning shops, Enoshima Island, Shinjuku Dinner and Sunrise Seto train
  3. Saturday – Okayama > Kobe > Kyoto > Tokyo > Shizuoka
  4. Sunday – Shizuoka hotel and F31 meeting > Yokohama

2018 – Wandering Leopard Saga continues…

I was back in Japan and it felt good!!! I had some goals and places to check out.

WLS 2018 Train experiece

WL 2019 Trip

WL 2019 Train experience

WL 2020 Trip

WL 2020 train experience