Visit to Edo Culture Complex and Kanda Shrine 2020

An few blocks away from Akihabara is the Kanda Shrine and Edo Culture Complex. Beautiful design and like many of these sacred grounds, additional things to see and do.

Kanda Shrine is a Shinto shrine and has enshrined these kami: Daikokuten, Ebisu (part of the 7 gods) and Taira No Masakado (a samurai who fought Heian government).

The Edo Culture Center had some cool items for sale (which is everywhere in Japan). But understanding some of the Edo Period’s history is always cool.

Senso-Ji (Asakusa Kannon) Temple and Hozomon Gate at night 2020

Even though I arrived late into Tokyo, I still wanted to see something. Typically many places in Japan have beautiful night displays and I couldn’t pass the chance of going to Senso-Ji Temple. Going at night is less crowds, but also less access (depending on the area).

I check in the hostel I am staying at and even though it was late, I decided to check out Hozomon Gate and Senso-Ji temple right off Asakusa station.

After getting off at Asakusa station, the exit had some pretty cool stuff!

As I started walking towards the Temple area and it was gorgeous! It’s actually pretty calm at night. I was taking pictures of the structures, signs, figures, art, and building designs as many looked old world vs modern.

The Temple area was surreal. I loved it. It was actually a chill evening.

The history of this temple is for the Goddess of Mercy.

Official website.

Nagasaki Nights

After that all day driving that Noguchi-san did, I still wanted to explore Nagasaki.

I did want to explore a bit. Again, Wandering Leopard trips are about experiencing things.

So I wanted to check out their tram system!

I took the tram down the street and walked towards the shopping are near the water.

This is the Dejimamachi area

I did some shopping and exploring.. but it was gorgeous!!!

WL Day 9 pt 1 – Nagasaki arrival

In 2018, I met with Noguchi-san and he said the Red Kaido Leopard was 2 hours away. I didn’t have that much time, so we didn’t go to see it.

This time, I wanted to see it and also Nagasaki, so we planned to go this time.

I left Hakata station via Kamome Express line to Nagasaki.

Soon, Noguchi-san picked me up and he said he would take me to Secret base.

Fukuoka Nights

After I left Takamatsu, I headed straight to Fukuoka. I was excited as I was hoping to meet with my friends from last time.

Unfortunately, everyone was busy. Even my friends in Kumamoto were busy (one of them was in the hospital for being sick).

Even though I was crushed, I took the time to explore Fukuoka on foot. I walked to Canal City and checked out Kawabata Shopping arcade.

I walked a few blocks to JR Hakata station. In all honesty, I was blown away how huge Hakata station. I’ve only seen it from the inside mainly, but coming from the outside.. how it is huge. I was talking with Mitch (Showa Elite) and I trying to see if we can schedule something with Misaki-san and others… but it didn’t work out.

So I continued exploring.

Having missed a religious site in Kyoto, I did visit a Shinto Shrine here in Fukuoka.

Reisen Crane Shrine and Kushida Shrine Shinmon

It was night time, but it was a Friday night, people were out having a good time and the food stalls were packed!

I walked around til about 230am. I really loved exploring Fukuoka. I just love this place!

Takamatsu Nights and VANKulture.

The last couple of times I came to Takamatsu, they were in the evening because I would arrive late.

This time, it was late, but I had just gotten done spending time with my brothers.

I decided to go walk around Takamatsu Sunport.

I started walking towards the Sunport area. It was a good night, not windy or cold. It was perfect. I remember one of the spots I wanted to go to was the Red lighthouse.

I cut through Takamatsu station.

I went across the street where Sunport Hall Takamatsu was located.

Cut through headed to the port.

Now at the “pier” section.

As I was walking back to my rental, I saw a couple of cars drive by. I was kinda excited as taking some car pictures is a good night cap.

Once I saw it was an older Toyota Hiace van and Toyota Crown, I had to ask if I could take pictures! I love these older cars.

I talked to the owner and showed them Vankulture. They were not on any SNS (Social network service aka social media). After showing them, he jumped on Instagram.

The older Hiace vans with that VIP style… that is the style I fell in love with in 2002.

After that small meeting, I walked to the local train station to check out the local train line.

Having a calming night walk and just enjoying it was pretty cool. I loved it.

Meiji Jingu Shrine

One of the popular shrines in Tokyo, is the Meiji Jingu. It is surrounded by forest and also near the Harajuku area (Takeshita street/shopping area).

I have always wanted to visit this shrine and so I had to make time for it.

I’m always taken back by how Japan keeps many of it’s historic places clean and welcoming. The place is amazing and so much history!!!

Shinjuku Niagara Falls

Just west of Shinjuku station were 2 goals I did not accomplish last time.

One being Shinjuku Niagara Falls and the other Tokyo Metro building observatory.

I work up early as today was gonna be busy (Shinjuku, Meiji shrine, Odaiba, then Kawagoe).

My first goal was to walk to Shinjuku Niagara Falls. Had I went to Minoo Waterfalls in Osaka, I would have made this trip waterfall themed lol.

Shinjuku station at 8am was NO JOKE!!!

As I was walking toward Shinjuku Chuo Park, it was kinda nice to see the buildings and people heading into work.

After passing the Tokyo Metro gov building, the waterfalls weren’t far.

While not as majestic as a natural waterfall, having a spot to go and relax while on break is pretty nice.

Sunday – Shizuoka hotel and F31 meeting > Yokohama

Sunday morning, I woke up early to get breakfast with everyone. Last night I took a good long shower and I was so tired, I turned off the lights by taking out the key card for room out of the slot.

I didn’t realize this, but that pretty much cut ALL electricity to the room… So my cellphone and power banks did not charge.

During breakfast, Uchida-san and Ito-san let me borrow a cable and power bank. Pretty much saved me and did the job for the day. My LG had horrible charging and the battery life sucked.

The day was focused on the Leopard Meeting.  Pictures here :

After the meeting, Okuni-san took me to the nearby station where I would get on and transfer to the Shinkansen. I would stop by Mishima station where I would meet my aunt again. I had stuff that have been left at her place and I wanted to get it all.

It was definitely a pain to carry back to Yokohama (flying out of Haneda).

What was worse is that the capsule hotel, I was looking forward to enjoying, turned me down due to my tattoo (barely showing).

So I had to stay at another hotel for the night, which was better anyway. I had to repack stuff.