Vancouver BC/ Canada

I’ve always had a  strong attachment to Vancouver BC. Since I was 18, I had gone there many times. When I first started going there, it truly felt “international” to me. I would be there almost 2 weekends a month.

My mistake when I was younger was I didn’t explore Vancouver BC like I should have. I only stuck to Gastown and Richmond BC area for car stuff.

In 2011/12, The Culase family moved to Vancouver BC and it made going there for family much easier.

In 2015, Jasmin and my boys lived there for 6 months while Ate Joanne was finishing up Pharmacy school. I stayed in the bay area working and Living in my Previa (van dwelling). I always wanted to escape to Vancouver BC, so I went almost every other weekend.

Subsequently, I was able to explore a lot there.




In random order and most of these have video too