Waimea Bay Beach Park, Hawaii 2016

After going to a couple of beaches just down the street, we came upon here. The sun was coming down and Jasmin wanted to see catch the gorgeous sunset at one of these beaches.

This beach was pretty awesome. The edge of the beach was pretty steep, but then the waves were very hard and a few feet in the water and it was a sudden drop in depth. There were 2 huge rock structures nearby that people were jumping off of.

Dole Plantation, Oahu 2016

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Oahu (and there are many!) is the Dole Plantation. We really wanted to do this. We jumped in the rental and headed up there.



Once there, we got some food to eat, but then started to explore. We first did the train ride.


Next we went to the maze. That was really fun and enjoyable.


Misc pix from there.




Ko Olina Lagoon, Oahu 2016

The next day after my training, we decided to go for a nice ride. I drove past Ewa Beach (where my friends lived) and headed along the coast again. I saw all these big hotels and decided to go there and take pictures.

I came up on a parking lot with a lagoon. This was Ko Olina Lagoon 4, and so we all got out and the boys played on the beach again! I also walked a bit further and checked out the other lagoons.


Even though it was evening, the weather was nice and the water was warm! I loved it…




Kapiolani Medical center Hononlulu 2016

Lucas had an allergic reaction to something and he was having a hard time breathing. So we spent a day in the ER. The staff there was super great with him and great to talk to as well.

Very good service and communication. I even had to go talk to the echo techs to see how it was there as a pediatric sonographer.


While Jasmin watched Lucas, Jacob and I went nearby to get stuff to eat.


Diamond Head Crater Honolulu 2016

After my day of training, I wanted to go some place and take in the beauty of Hawaii. I jumped in my rental car and we went down the coast, not too far. Jasmin looked at places and found Diamond Head crater was near by.

We drove out that way.




Once we parked, there is a long, twisty path of stairs and small tunnels to reach the top. There some pretty narrow parts with tons of people too, but it was a great hike!


After a good hike, you get the to summit.

credit to google maps.


The view from atop… breath taking!!!






Kuhio Beach, Honolulu 2016

After arriving and checking in, we decided to go for a walk on the beach. It was so beautiful… I can’t believe that I had not put priority on Hawaii. While it was overcast a bit, it was still good weather and gorgeous.

The closes beach was Kuhio beach, so we just started wading in the water… it was warm and I decided to just get in. Jacob and Lucas did the same thing!




Honolulu Hawaii 2016

I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. It is one of those places you always where you hear the natural beauty and culture is amazing. I was given an opportunity to visit Hawaii through my work. I had to go to Honolulu for a week long training. We had bought new machines at my hospital and so Philips (our vendor) offered week long training session, paid hotel with breakfast and lunch vouchers and free paid travel.

This would only cover me (as I brought my family) and the training sessions were from 8am to 4pm… so pretty much all day.

Lodging was offered at the Waikiki Beach Marriot Resort, which was right by the beach!!!

I loved it!