Leopardess in Japan 2016

October 2016:

October 7th, Friday

  1. Narita airport to Ueno station – Keisei Skyliner
  2. Ueno station to Kanda station – Ginza Line
  3. Kanda station to Akihabara station via Keihintohoku Line

Narita Airport to Ueno Station Via Skyliner

Ueno station to Kanda station via Ginza line

Kanda station to Akihabara station via Keihintohoku Line

October 8th, Saturday

  1. Kanda station to Tokyo station – Yamanote line
  2. Tokyo Station to Hiratsuka Station – Tokaido Main line (and back)

Kanda station to Tokyo station via Yamanote line

Tokyo Station to Hiratsuka Station via Tokaido Main line (and back).

October 9th, Sunday

  1. Tokyo to Hamamatsu Station – Shinkansen
Tokyo to Hamamatsu Station via Shinkansen

October 10th, Monday

  1. Hamamatsu station to Shin-Osaka station – Shinkansen
  2. Shin-Osaka station to Osaka Station – JR Tokaido Sanyo line
  3. Osaka station to Tanimachiyonchome Station – Tanimachi subway line
  4. Morinomiya station > Osaka station/Umeda station – Osaka Loop line
  5. Umeda station to Ikeda station – Hankyu-Takarazuka Line
  6. Ikeda station to Osaka station – Hankyu-Takarazuka Line
  7. Osaka station to Shinsaibashi station – Midosuji subway line

Hamamatsu to Shin Osaka – Shinkansen
Shin-Osaka to Osaka station – Tokaido Sanyo line
Osaka station to Tanimachiyonchome Station – Tanimachi subway line
Morinomiya station > Osaka/Umeda station > Ikeda station

Ikeda station > Osaka station > Shinsaibashi station

October 11th

  • Shinsaibashi station to Umeda station – Midosuji subway line
  • Shin Osaka to Kyoto station – Limited Express Thunderbird (and back)

Shin-Osaka to Kyoto station
Thunderbird Express

October 12

  • Yotsubashi station to Nishi-Umeda station – Yotsubashi subway Line
  • Nishi-Umeda station/Osaka station to Kyoto station – Tokaido-Sanyo Line
  • Arashiyama station to Randen-Tejingawa station – Arashiyama line
  • Randen-Tejingawa station to Uzumasa-Tenjingawa station – walk
  • Uzumasa-Tenjingawa station to Karasuma Oike Station – Subway Tozai line
  • Karasuma Oike Station to Kyoto station – Subway Karasuma line
  • Kyoto station to Shin-Osaka station – Shinkansen
  • Shin-Osaka to Shinsaibashi – Midosuji line


At Arashiyama station, we explored Kimono Forest. It was late and we were tired from the long day in Kyoto. We covered many things and went from East to West Kyoto.

It was time to head back. I lost these pictures when I merged them on my computer and thought they were all the same (idiot move!).  But we jumped on 3 systems to get back to JR Kyoto station.

Randen Arashiyama station is for the the Keifuku Randen tram system. The trams are Electric. The fare is a flat rate, I think of $2 or 220 yen. You can buy a ticket before or pay in change after.

These are historic and nostalgic since these are very few (I learned of only 2 tram lines left).

We started at Arashiyama station (A13) and needed to get Randen-Tenjingawa Station (A5).

Stock photo of Randen train

KYOTO, JAPAN – CIRCA APRIL 2016: Randen sight seeing tram from Arashiyama station.

After getting off at Randen-Tejingawa station, it is a small walk to Uzumasa-Tenjingawa station (operated by Kyoto Municipal Subway). While the tram is street level, once you get off, you’ll see a small building across the street that stands out because it is some kind of peach color. That is the subway entrance.

Here we boarded the Tozai line at Uzumasa-Tenjingawa Station (T17).

credit: discoverykyoto.com
Kyoto Subway map for Karasuma and Tozai line.

We would get off at Karasuma Oike Station (K8).

At this station, we would use the other subway train, Karasuma line.

October 13th

Shinjuku Station to Tokyo Skytree (Sobu Rapid line, Hanzomon line)

At Kinshicho station we changed to Hanzomon subway system.

At Oshiage station, short walk to Tokyo Skytree base

Skytree to Odaiba

Asakusa line > Keihintohoku Line > Rinkai line