Kouki F31 Rear taillight corner lens comparison

When I got my JDM headlights and corner lamps, I didn’t realize the differences until I started to mount them and did a side by side comparison.

I couldn’t believe the changes, even for something like a corner lamp.

This is no different for the tail lamp corner lens. I remember seeing a picture of the JDM kouki tail lights and noticed the rear corner lens was different. I only noticed because I had to fix my broken tail light on my 1st M30 and thought about getting a set of JDM tail lights (if they were different). I do believe the reflective design is different, but not too much.

When I repaired my tail light, I decided to change out all the bulbs and noticed the corner lens was mounted separately.

I’ve always wanted to pick up a set, but it was not a priority. After my trip to Japan, I noticed that M30 stuff is highly sought, so I came up with an idea to swap these lens. I’ve picked up sets here and there through out the years.

Satoshi said he wouldn’t mind trading, so he sent me a picture of him taking off the lens. That is when I noticed they weren’t mounted like the US M30!!!


If you look at the picture, the left is for the M30. The right is the JDM Leopard corner.

After a bit more research, we figured out!

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