Western Railway Museum and Santa Train Ride 2018

In the US, I feel trains have been ignored because of political reasons. This goes with coal and cars. While visiting Europe and Japan, it is totally different. Their train systems are pretty much depended up. Japan’s trains are on another level of reliable transportation.

With that said, the rise of highways and cars have severely limited the trains outside of big city areas (that’s always questionable too).

I love trains and I wanted to bring my kids to a museum.

Western Railway is the closest museum, but also there is a Santa train ride.

It was a pretty decent drive, maybe about an hour. It was raining too, so that kinda made it difficult to enjoy the outside.

There are many volunteers here and there is always ongoing restoration of the some of the trains (you’ll see my pictures below).

While I do think $20 was steep, it went to the museum and for a good cause.

$20 a person.

We sprinted quickly to the train shed because it was decent rain coming down.

The train went down the tracks and eventually stopped off at a park. I believe during the other seasons, the trains go this location and events are usually happening such as BBQs or Easter egg hunts or Halloween stuff such as pumpkin patch and hay maze.

Just past where we started, we come upon Santa’s area. Free cup of jo and cookies.

After everyone has met and taken pictures with Santa, we got back on and went to the train shed. This is typically where some trains were stored. There was another building, but I believe that was a private tour in which I didn’t have time for.

But I did like to check out the trains in the shed. Many old SF ones!

Website: Western Railway Museum

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